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Updated December 7, 1999

What's Here?

Hasher Applet - AMOS compatible hash-totals on Windows.
EZD for AMOS - Plug and play operation for catridge drives.

Hasher Applet

Hasher generates AMOS compatible hash-totals from the Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 Explorer.

Just right-click on the file you want the hash-total for, select Hash...

Explorer Hasher View

And you'll then get the hash total...

Hasher Output

Hasher is a freeware utility and can be obtained from our Download page.


What's Here?

  Information about EZD for AMOS.
  Installation Notes for the latest version of EZD
  Other useful information about EZD. This information is a bit dated, but still relevant to EZD

EZD is a simple, but very cool utility that allows plug and play operation of many types of removable media on AMOS computers with no INI changes and no-rebooting. Best of all, EZD is free!

If you've ever used the ACD program to install the Alpha Micro AlphaCD, then using EZD is pretty much the same:

EZD will now add the drive to the device table, create a bitmap, mount the drive and even turn on the write behind cache if you're using a SCSI-2 AMOS machine.

When you're done, simply type EZD again and the drive will be removed from the system. On AMOS 2.x systems, it even sorts MFDs of traditional disks so that cartridges can be correctly read by AMOS 1.4 systems.

If you've been using floppy or need to archive data, then EZD is the way to go. EZD is compatible with both AMOS 1.4 and AMOS 2.x, including the new AMOS 2.3 release.

Drives supported at this time are:

Iomega ZIP Drive Iomega ZIP drive (100MB)
SCSI-2 systems only
SyQuest EZ 135 Drive SyQuest EZ-135 (135MB).
SASI and SCSI-2 systems
SyQuest Flyer Drive SyQuest Flyer (230MB)
SASI and SCSI-2 systems
Panasonic PD/CD-ROM Drive Panasonic PD-CD/ROM (650MB)
SCSI-2 systems only
Also compatible with ACD
  SyQuest SQ-270 (270MB)
SASI and SCSI-2 systems
  Castlewood Orb (2.2GB)
SCSI-2 systems only
  Iomega ZIP 250 (250MB)
SCSI-2 systems only
Note: SASI doesn't include AM-100/L systems with an AM-405 board. If you're still running one of these, get a life!

EZD for AMOS can be obtained from the Download page. As it's free software, it's unsupported. If you intend to use it extensivly, we recommend purchasing a support agreement. Send us email for details.