Using the Sasem OnAir USB interface with TSReader

Updated May 21, 2008

Sasem OnAir USB HDTV

Sasem's OnAir USB interface is an 8VSB/QAM receiver along with an MPEG-2 encoder chip for moving SD video into the digital realm.

There are two ways to interface to the Sasem device - first with their latest driver and the ATSCBDASource (for ATSC and AutiumWave_QAM for QAM) or by switching the Windows driver to the DTVWorks driver and changing to the right TSReader source.

Please note: These instructions do not apply to the AutumnWave OnAir GT - no need to change the driver on that device.

Current limitations

Driver Installation

You must switch the driver for the Sasem OnAir USB interface to work with TSReader. Exactly what you see depends on the version of Sasem's software you have installed.

Running TSReader

Now the driver is installed launch TSReader with the Ctrl key held down and choose the SasemUSB_8VSB or SasemUSB_QAM source. You'll then see the normal TSReader ATSC or QAM tuner dialog and you can select or enter a channel number and the mux should pop into TSReader. We recommend using the Scan button to generate a list of lockable channels since frequently cable systems carry a mixture of both analog and digital programming.

Switching between applications

If you want to switch back to Sasem's software just follow the steps shown to install the driver only the second time around you'll see both the Sasem and TSReader device drivers listed. "On Air USB HDTV WDM Encoder" is Sasem version 2.7, "USB HDTV Device" is Sasem version 2.8 and "Sasem OnAir USB HDTV (for TSReader)" is for TSReader - just select the one you want.

Of course if using the BDA source, none of this has to be done - just leave the driver as-is and switch to the ATSCBDASource or the appropriate AutumnWave_QAM source.