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Updated March 13, 2015

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Why we wrote ZTERM. Our reasons and motives!
Windows versions supported. Although ZTERM 2000 was written with Windows 95 in mind, it runs on virtually all Windows versions, including Windows CE!
Terminals emulated & escape sequences. Both field and mode styles, plus the really neat stuff host programmers can do with ZTERM 2000.
  Printing in ZTERM 2000 with proper handling for Windows printers.
Connection methods. ZTERM 2000 can connect a number of different ways.
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  Mouse-enable your host applications with ZTERM's Smart Mouse technology
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ZTERM 2000 is a 32-bit terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows, designed primarily for connectivity with Unix and AMOS systems. Unlike most terminal emulators, ZTERM 2000 emulates both "Field" and "Mode" terminals, which allows a greater number of host based applications to work with the Windows platform.

ZTERM for Windows Screenshot

Why we wrote ZTERM

ZTERM was originally written to void a gap in AMOS to Windows connectivity. At the time it the project was started, only one other AMOS compatible Windows terminal emulator was on the market and this product had a number of problems that weren't being resolved by it's creator.

As a result, ZTERM was developed with this philosophy:

Today, ZTERM 2000 is connecting thousands of Windows based PCs to Alpha Micro and Unix hosts. If you want the best connectivity software for your PC, then download an evaluation copy of ZTERM 2000 today!

Windows versions supported

ZTERM 2000 operates on the following Windows versions:

ZTERM for Windows1.2 operates on the following Windows versions:

Win32s is an extension for 16-bit Windows operating systems that allows the operation of 32-bit applications like ZTERM 2000. It's available for free from Microsoft - a link is on the Download page. Please note that we're not doing any more development on the 16-bit compatible version of ZTERM. All work is now being directed at pure 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Terminals Emulated & Escape Sequences

The following are supported:

Some of the emulations also support special ZTERM 2000 specific commands, like FTP file transfer, file/program launching and Cogent automation. These escape sequences are fully documented in the on-line help.

Some of the things you can do directly from your host applications with the escape sequences in ZTERM 2000:

If you write host based applications and want to take advantage of some of the cool things that can be done with Windows, ZTERM 2000 is the teminal emulator for you!

Printing in ZTERM 2000

Since terminals support printer passthrough and print screen modes, ZTERM 2000 also supports these. The user may select between standard ASCII text output for use with dot-matrix printers or select printing via the Windows printer engine, allowing output on any printer supported by Windows.

In passthrough mode, ZTERM 2000 can emulate 10 CPI dot-matrix output (resulting in 80 columns by 66 lines, portrait mode) or 17 CPI dot-matrix output with 132 columns by 66 lines in landscape mode. Because the Windows printer engine is used, inexpensive "GDI-based" printers can be used to print directly from the host, as can advanced printer drivers like those for fax delivery and for Adobe Acrobat capture.

When printing the screen, ZTERM 2000 uses it's own printer font, resulting in graphics characters being printed correctly. Additionally, when a color printer is used, ZTERM 2000 will print in color with either white-on-black or black-on-white screen printing.

ZTERM 2000 also supports spooler-based printing. For serial connections to an AMOS host, a special device driver allows spooler output to the transparent printer feature; on TCP/IP connections, ZTERM 2000 includes a standard built-in LPD service. Both methods can send printer bound data either directly to the printer or via ZTERM's dot-matrix emulator.

Connectivity Methods

ZTERM 2000 can connect to the host system via a number of different methods:

All methods support file transfer between the host and PC. An AMOS utility is supplied with ZTERM 2000 for use with the serial port and modem. For TCP/IP connections, the standard File Transfer Protocol, FTP, can be used with advanced features like wild card transfers and an AMOS host browser that allows easy navigation of the AMOS file-system.

Browsing the host AMOS system via FTP

Smart Mouse  

ZTERM 2000 includes Smart Mouse technology which allows navigation of virtually any host-based application menu possible by using the mouse. ZTERM 2000 mouse enables your host application without any changes in the host code; ZTERM 2000 includes powerful text-parsing techniques to determine the menu choice you have selected.

ZTERM 2000 also includes the concept of a "Back" button. Making the assumption that menu driven applications always have a special button like the Escape key that moves the user to the previous level, ZTERM 2000 brings the web browser metaphor to your host applications. If you're used a web browser, the concept of a "Back" button on host-based applications is surprisingly intuitive.

Smart Mouse in action

Ordering ZTERM 2000

Like many other quality software packages, ZTERM 2000 is "shareware". You can download an evaluation copy, which will run for 14-days. If you like the features in ZTERM 2000, simply contact us or one of our distributors for an installation code. If you wish to install many copies of ZTERM 2000, let us know - we can supply a dongle and the code generation program allowing you to generate the codes yourself or even have a Windows NT act as a license server which greatly simplifies installation.

For detailed ordering information, please consult our Orders page.